Uncooperative Vendor??

chuckg writes on AuntMinnie.com:

We are installing a PACS system in our smaller rural hospital. We do around 30K exams per year. Our HIS company has been very difficult to work with. They also offer a PACS solution we chose not to go with. Now they will not allow our PACS server to be accessed from their web based EMR program. The field appears to designed to be linked to the server. The answer we get from the HIS vendor is “We will not assist in the success of a competitors PACS product.” Has any one heard of this attitude from a HIS provider?

Dalai Lama replies:

The words “uncooperative” and “vendor” should not have to be used in the same sentence. It certainly sound like they are being petulant about losing the sale. I have a philosophy about that: there will be other sales in the future, and your behaviour as the vendor NOT chosen is far more telling than that of the winner of the bidding. I would get in touch immediately with the president of the HIS company and let him know how his staff is behaving. If you get no satisfaction there, I would do whatever it takes to replace the system if there is any financial possibility of doing so.

We tend to forget that WE are the customers in this business.


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