TEN THOUSAND HITS for DoctorDalai.com!!!


Wow. Who’d have ever thunk it? From an inasupicious beginning to one of the four or five premier PACS blogs on the Internet! Of course, there are only about four or five PACS blogs on the Internet, so perhaps the competition isn’t terribly fierce. Still, it’s a monumental achievement as far as I’m concerned, and I thank all of you out there who have hit the reload button all those hundreds of times.

Anyway, I know visitor 10K quite well; he comes to us from mid-Florida via Road Runner, and he is one of the Mark’s who define PACS for me. He knows who he is. Hey Mark, have you been sitting by the computer waiting for the opportunity? Did you think there might be a prize involved? Well, drop me an email, and you will qualify for an autographed photo, suitable for framing, target practice, or wrapping fish. Congratualations!

The Dalai PACS system is in progress…we have signed papers and promised money, and the equipment should start to arrive. The PACS adventure is just beginning!


2 responses to “TEN THOUSAND HITS for DoctorDalai.com!!!

  1. Dalai,I’d like to swap notes with you on the PACS vendors we have chosen, why we chose them, what type of RIS integration is being done and how successful the marriage has been. We’ve got a tremendous amount in common. I haven’t blogged before but I’ve created an account and may start posting there, depending on how much I have to say that you haven’t already said better. Drop me a line, it might be better to start privately before blogging.

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