SCAR Capitulates to Estonian Pressure!

Big news in the PACS world, folks! SCAR, the Society for Computer Applications in Medicine has changed its name to Siim. Now, in theory, this stands for the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine. However, Dalai, your intrepid reporter, did a little digging and discovered the following: The Prime Minister of Estonia is, you guessed it, Siim Kallas! Coincidence? I think not. Notice in the photo below how Mr. Kallas (the one on your left) is looking quite pleased with himself, having just convinced Mr. Bush to move SCAR, I mean SiiM, headquarters to Estonia. I will actually be in Estonia later this year (really!) and I will check this out personally.

In the meantime, if you go to, you will reach the site of a plastics manufacturer with these featured products:

Looks like they are in the PACS business, too! Do you sense any takeover plans? Hmmmmm?

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