A Blast From The Past…Vital Images Comes A-Callin’

Mark, our PACS guru, phoned me this morning with some interesting news: Carrie from Vital Images was on the line, and wanted to ask about updating our software licenses. Mark was rather confused, a very rare state for him, because he didn’t know we even had any of Vital’s products. I clasped my hands together in a sinister manner and slobbered with glee….

You see, we do own three Vitreas, dating from the mid 1990’s. All are Silicon Graphics computers, two running IRIX (SG’s flavor of UNIX), and one running Windows NT. These represent an investment of something like $150,000 to $200,000 or so. I wasn’t involved with their purchase. Actually, if memory serves, the NT was a trade-in or something. But I digress.

About three or four years ago, one of the computers blew a hard-drive. I tried to nurse it back to health, but to no avail. So I called Vital Images. TEN TIMES! And I emailed them ten more times. Nothing. I posted nasty things about them on AuntMinnie.com. Nothing. We chalked up our losses, and went on to bigger and better things, like GE AW’s and Siemens Leonardos, and various installs of Voxar 3D, all of which have done the job nicely.

I returned Carrie’s call, and as nicely as I could for someone out $200,000 on non-working equipment, explained the situation. She had only just joined the service force, and was not happy to hear of our plight. I suggested she elevate the complaint to the president of the company, although that would be mainly for their benefit. Given this incredible service faux pas, I would not even accept a freebie at this point. If Vital wishes to donate a Vitrea to a third-world country in my name to assuage their collective conscience, that would be fine. But do tell them not to expect stellar service if it breaks.

Carrie promised to figure out what had happened, and to keep such a thing from happening again. I wish she had been with Vital a few years ago….

Addendum: The Vital rep for our area did indeed contact me, and we had a very good conversation. I do wish this new generation had been around when our problems started. Anyone want to buy a first or second generation Vitrea?


3 responses to “A Blast From The Past…Vital Images Comes A-Callin’

  1. Dalai–I am in medical imaging sales– sort of– and love your blog. Frankly, I am shocked to read a post like this one and NOT find a comment of *some* sort from a representative of Vital.They have been pretty stand-up on my end, but I am the vendor, more or less, in the relationship. Not a customer.Cheers, Awbnid

  2. 3-4 years ago Vital was a force of maybe 70 people (growing pains). I think that today, they are somewhere at or over 200.

  3. Vital has grown, and put a heavy focus on service. In fact that is why you got a visit and a call.I anticipate their formidable beefed up R&D department (Huge spike in headcount)unpacking some serious user friendly horsepower before year’s end.

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