For Those New To The Field….

As a public service, here are some corporate misconceptions that need to be cleared up….

3mensio—is not a women’s problem
Amicas—is not a Chinese manual calculator
Barco—has nothing to do with dogs
Bracco—is not the sound of retching
BRIT Systems—is not British
Cardinal Health—has nothing to do with the Vatican
Cedara—does not refer to pleasant-smelling trees
CHILI GmbH—has nothing to do with spicy food
Dell—is not where the farmer lives
Eclipsys—does not blot out the sun
Emageon—is not imaginary
Empiric—does not relate to Ceasar
Fluke Biomedical—does not deal with parasites
GE—is not an exclamation of delight
Intelerad—is not the opposite of stupid rad
Hologic—is not how streetwalkers reason
Kaiser Permanente—is not the king for life
Mayo Clinic—does not diagnose Hellman’s
Novarad—does not deal with lox
PACSGEAR–is not a wheel with teeth inside your PACS
Picker—is not a little boy with a dirty finger
Proscan—is not a place for golf experts
RamSoft—is not a male problem
Siemens—has nothing to do with boats
Shimadzu—does not deserve “Gesundheit” in response
SoftMed Systems—see RamSoft
Stentor—is not one of those heart artery things
Stryker—does not require scabs
Sun Microsystems—does not make miniture stars
Swearingen Software—is not found in courtrooms
Thinking Systems—still requires humans
VIDAR Systems—does not make anything for Geordi LaForge


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