Let’s Contain the Giddiness…

Image courtesy of: http://www.krepcio.com/

I try to be sensitive to the whims of my readers, and, believe it or not, I really don’t like upsetting anyone. It has come to my attention that there was much intestinal disruption caused by my recent article discussing a certain piece of software. While I regret any distress I may have caused, I will stand by every word in that article. Now, those who know me well realize that I don’t want any false information disseminated under my signature, and I am always responsive to documented corrections. So, if there is any factual error on that post, please let me know via the comment field below. The grapevine connection will eventually get the message to me, but it will likely be something other than what was meant to be said. (Anyone ever play Post Office?) But rest assured that when someone tells me that my product, in this case my blog, is impairing their work., I listen, and I do something about it.


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