Exploring PACS Secrets

If you’ve come to this blog to read about PACS, then you have almost certainly visited AuntMinnie.com as well. Mike Cannavo, the One and Only PACSMan, is about as well-known in the PACS world as Aunt Minnie herself, having been in the business longer than most PACS administrators have been alive.

In 2004, Mike wrote the first installment of “Exploring PACS Secrets,” and the series continues today, with the recent publication of “Part XX: Will PACS Survive?” AuntMinnie.com has graciously packaged them all up in a .pdf file available here.

In many ways, I’ve taken this journey several steps behind Mike (although for a good part of it he didn’t even know a thing about this jerk calling himself “Dalai”,) having immersed myself in the field pretty heavily beginning in 2003. In rereading the various entries of “Secrets,” I am struck first by how prophetic some of the entries have turned out to be, and second by how much more irreverent (and irascible) Mike has become over the years.

This is good reading, people, and you all need to have a look. It’s almost as wonderful as Dalai’s Laws of PACS! Hey, it’s my blog and I can have all the shameless plugs I want!


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