Dalai Gets Published…In PRINT!

Diagnostic Imaging is well-known to all of us in the field. Better than a “throw-away” and more topical than the hefty scholarly periodicals, it is the one monthly journal I usually read cover-to-cover.

My favorite part of DI is the Backscatter column (which is for some reason on the back page of the magazine), written by Brad Tipler, M.D., a private-practice rad from Virginia. His tongue-in-cheek commentary is usually right on target, but with a proper dose of sarcasm and cynicism. Over a year ago, Dr. Tipler wrote about “TIBS”, Tipler’s Irritable Body Syndrome (see the article here), and for some reason, it reminded my of my old “X-Ray Man” song from 2006 (original post here). On a whim, I sent the song to Dr. Tipler, who forwarded it to his editors. They too liked it, and promised to publish it in the RSNA edition of DI….in 2007. Well, things happen, and editors change. A new editor found the note in the email droppings of someone departed, and the ball finally rolled into my court with publication in the December 2008 issue.

I’m not really sure where the “came in a flash” title originated, but it’s fairly accurate. I was indeed on call at our busiest site (although the time was closer to 11 PM than 2 AM, and the words did indeed flow pretty quickly. Please rest assured that there was no demented patient in earshot at the time this was written, although based on the PACS traffic, there were quite a few folks in the mood for a malady.

Today DI, tomorrow, the Yellow Journal! Wait…you actually have to do research and write a real paper for that one. Never mind….


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