On Kindle!

Vanity knows no bounds. In the old days, to make it to print, one had to have an agent, and probably some reasonable amount of talent. Or, for the truly desperate, there were “vanity publishers”, who would for a large fee print up a hundred copies of your version of the Great American Novel.

Today, all it takes to be published is a computer, a account, and the foolish notion that someone else might want to read what you’re writing. Which is where you, my beloved readers, come into the picture.

There are lots of options for access to this, my favorite blog. First and foremost, you can find me with your computer, right here at This applies as well to iPhones, iPod Touches, PocketPC’s, and even the occasional Blackberry.

But hold on to your shorts, and let loose your wallet. Today, there comes a new option: The Amazon Kindle! For only $359, you can have a pencil-thin slab of 1500 books, or for $489, you can have a larger screen DX version with enough space to hold 3500 books! Of course, if you already have an iPhone, you can download the Kindle app which does a pretty good job of simulating the real thing.

The Kindle has wireless access (with no extra charge) that lets you download books, magazines, newspapers, and so on, for a fee, of course. And now, you can download blogs as well! Here’s the teaser for mine:

There is just one catch: If you access through your Kindle, it’ll cost you $1.99 per month. Of course it’s worth it, right?!


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