Please Don’t Just Talk About Fixing This. . .

I complained about an IMPAX crashing problem in a prior post. You know, the one that gives this error:

So far, word back from Agfa is that the powers-that-be are “talking” about it.

I’ve already experienced the crash twice this morning.

Perhaps the “talk” will lead to a “fix” soon. I’m getting a little tired of this particular error, and we all know what happens when I get tired of something. . .

Did I happen to mention in the original post that this error makes the ENTIRE STUDY DISAPPEAR FROM THE LIST FOR SEVERAL MINUTES!??? Can we all say, “PATIENT CARE ISSUE”???

By the way, I have a feeling we are not the only site dealing with this problem. If you are currently using IMPAX 6.3.1 SU12, and you are experiencing crashes as described in the original post, please let me know by commenting below.

My patience has run out. I need this fixed by the end of the week. Thanks.


5 responses to “Please Don’t Just Talk About Fixing This. . .

  1. Your site should consider rolling out SU13 to the clients. It may not fix these crashes but it does fix some major issues with institution searches and DIB graphic crashes.

    Also, it fixes a priors issue when cycling a large amount of studies with Relevancy turned on.

    It's probably going to be what Agfa recommends in the interim.

  2. I have been learning about the radiology technician field for the past two weeks in order to promote our website. I must admit…your blog is by far the funniest yet. I like your ranting and raving. Please keep your blog going and we will continue working to educate students on how to get into your field. This site is deffinately not average. LOl

  3. Being an IMPAX developer, this saddens me to read. I'm not on 6.31, but am working hard to correct future problems. Don't loose hope with IMPAX, most of us do care and are working to correct problems every day.

  4. As an administrator using Impax – i can safely say that your experience is not limited to your site. Our talks with Belgium have elucidated details that would make even the heartiest radiologist cry. Let me make it clear – these issues arent going anywhere. SU13 is merely a client fix – which only fixes memory allocation issues for large studies (DIBGraphics) – i would suggest collaboration at a worldwide level of all IMPAX users to finally, once and for all, sort out these issues and hold them accountable for the development and distribution of a suboptimal, and poorly built PACS product.

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