Occam’s Vrazor

I was a fan of the old science fiction series “V”, which debuted on NBC rather ironically in 1984, almost exactly 25 years to the day before the advent of its ABC successor. Having finally seen the new version, courtesy of hulu.com, I can only shake my head in wonder that this program was even allowed to air.

I have absolutely no question in my mind that this program, brought to you on the ABC television network, a member of the Main Stream Media, is a direct slap at the Obama administration and all of those out there deceived by it and pandering to it. The message couldn’t be clearer if you spelled it out in red Crayola.

I certainly urge you to view the pilot episode and decide for yourself, but here are some of my observations:

  • In the opening scenes (remniscent of Independence Day) the alien ships arrive with accompanying seismic effects. A poignant result was the toppling of a giant crucifix in a Catholic church. Hint hint.
  • Anna, the aliens’ Supreme Commander, is very attractive and slender, with some vague resemblance to You Know Who. See the image above.
  • The press fauns all over the aliens.
  • The Visitors promise great stuff for all, with only minimal cost to us.
  • There is a deliberate attempt to win over and indoctrinate youth.
  • The terms “Hope” and “Change” are liberally (pun intended) tossed about.
  • There are numerous references to worship and devotion of the Visitors, and fear over blindly accepting them and their “free” gifts.
  • The aliens promise “universal health care” (direct quote).
  • You won’t like what lies beneath the surface of the Visitors.

There are of course numerous other references and digs to the Obama administration, and they are, at least to me, quite blatant. The fact that Hollywood produced and then aired this rather expensive show is awfully encouraging. The tide has perhaps turned, folks.

Let’s hope Occam’s Razor doesn’t apply here.


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