Let The Games Begin

If you thought there would be gratitude amonst those who will benefit from the new healthcare abomination, guess again.

I’m working today at our local trauma center.  My interventional colleague just walked into the reading room white as a sheet.  It seems he had the following exchange with a patient:

Doc:  Hi, I’m Doctor X and I’m here to do your procedure.  Please sign the consent form so we can begin.
Patient:  Lemme see that.  (Reads for 5 minutes, then signs.)  I guess you docs got yours yesterday, huh?
Doc:  (silent)
Patient:  Hey doc, you married?
Doc:  Yes
Patient:  I’m gonna send a bunch of (stated minority group) over to your house to take care of your wife!

An abberation?  Maybe.  But maybe this is a bit of insight into how we are viewed by at least some of our patients, as well as the public in general.  Rich guys who “got ours” courtesy of Congress.  You’re certainly welcome for the care we’ve been giving you folks for many, many years.


3 responses to “Let The Games Begin

  1. I'm just sickened… the whole overhaul is just wrong.The people treating the patients are further encumbered; the CEOs of the insurance companies get to keep their gazillions…Just wrong.

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