A Little Progress

Who says whining doesn’t accomplish anything? 

For years and years, we have been complaining about Centricity’s lack of a flag or some such thing to tell us that someone else is looking at a study.  Well, GE finally succumbed to our request.  Behold, The EYE!

We now know that someone else has opened a study, although the only way to know who has done so is to open it ourselves.  But…this is PROGESS!

Agfa and our Agfa-affiliated hospitals have also listened, and made great improvements.  By replacing several pieces of the back-end, and every viewing station (the latter with the new ATI-based Barco video cards), the gang has achieved at least a doubling of loading speeds.  Images appear much faster and scroll much more smoothly.  Linking two series no longer brings the system to a crawl. 

All I can say to GE and Agfa is “Bravo!”  You are closing in on the way our AMICAS system functioned four years ago.  Keep up the good work!

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