"Noteworthy"! has been up and running for five and one half wonderful years.  Most bloggers jump into the blogosphere with great enthusiasm, submit several highly informative posts (“Went to the washroom, successfully”) and then return to cyber-oblivion.  But I’ve kept blogging all this time, defying the odds, and several larGE vendors.  Basically, writing this thing keeps me sane, even though it may drive some others out there a bit batty.

As the only radiologist blogging more or less exclusively about PACS I still have a unique niche.  But it seems that social networking is becoming more and more popular in our field as discussed in the July edition of RSNA News:

Social media—defined as websites driven by user participation and user-generated content, such as blogs, networking sites like Facebook and the bookmarking site—are offering radiologists new ways to network, interact and stay connected to each other and the general public.

Sites with a medical imaging focus include “Radiolopolis,” billing itself as “The International Radiology Community for Education, Research and Clinical Practice,” and “Radiopaedia,” radiology’s answer to the popular Wikipedia website. Blog topics range from the gadget and technology updates on “A Radiology Geek’s Blog,” to images and discussion from a consultant radiologist in the United Kingdom who writes the “Daily Dose.”

The article goes on to discuss the potential for HIPAA violations online (don’t discuss specific patients!) and for marketing opportunities.  And,

“Currently, image sharing is cumbersome with many time-consuming steps,” Dr. Choy (a co-founder of  said. “Social media can enable simpler and faster image sharing which has the potential to improve patient care. Other radiology software platforms such as online reference tools, reporting systems, radiology information/hospital information systems and scheduling software can also integrate social media tools to improve communication between physicians for better patient care.”

It seems that I’ve reached the threshold of RSNA’s attention, as my blog rates mention in the last paragraph:

A sampling of other noteworthy radiology networks, resources and blogs include:

Flickr ( Interactive photo sharing site with massive storage capacity and the ability to connect contacts around the world.

radRounds ( Radiology and medical imaging professional network for building relationships in clinical practice, education, career, research and industry.

Daily Dose ( Images and discussion offered by a consultant radiologist in the U.K.

Dalai’s PACS Blog ( This site from “an average radiologist in an average practice in an average town in the South,” suggests an alternate acronym for PACS: “Pain and Constant Suffering.”

MRI Metal Detector Blog ( MR imaging safety director Tobias Gilk offers information on ferromagnetic detection and MR imaging safety and screening.

Not Totally Rad ( Known for “Shedding Light on Invisible Imaging,” the blog was founded by anonymous interventional radiologist, the Samurai Radiologist, who was featured in the November 2008 issue of RSNA News (

I’ll take noteworthy.  Sadly, a review of the hits from the time of this article’s publication showed very few referrals from the link above.  I guess RSNA News readers got bored before they reached the bottom of the page.

2 responses to “ "Noteworthy"!

  1. “I guess RSNA News readers got bored before they reached the bottom of the page.”

    Hi Doctor,
    Maybe you guessed right but all that matters is that your blogging efforts have been noted… and its really noteworthy!

    Keep up the good work..
    Thank you…

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