I made it to Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia, in one piece. Unfortunately, Delta couldn’t seem to figure out how to transfer my suitcase over to Qantas, so I’m here quite literally with the clothes on my back. Qantas did give me some cash to buy a few things, which helps some. I was able to run to town and pick up a bathing suit so I can go snorkeling on the Reef tomorrow.

The Thala Beach Lodge is quite pleasant, a bit rustic and out of the way but nice nonetheless. It’s sort of a cross between Las Brisas and Camp Nebagamon.

Yes, I’m back, although with a somewhat inauspicious start. For whatever reason, I’m not feeling disoriented this time. On my first visit, just under one year ago, I had some brief mental images of being upside down. Not a problem this time, however. I’ve simply decided that the rest of you, at least those in the Northern Hemisphere, are the inverted ones. Think about that, you North American/European chauvinists.

More later, assuming I don’t get stung or eaten or something.


One response to “G’day!

  1. “Crikey me 'art!!” Watch out for those Aussie stingrays- they'll do you in for sure.

    I though you came to the land down under to get an Lifetime award from Agfa for supporting the company, their product and services, not speaking at RANCZR. Hmmmm….that might have explained the contingency who came down from the home office in Joisey to hear you speak- Louie Paulie, Johnnie and a few others. Maybe they need to learn what others is Aussieland already know about Agfa. They were laughing about “6' under in the land down under” but they couldn't have been talking about you because you're only 5'10″. I wonder what they call a lifetime…

    That said have housekeeping check under your bed for snakes (7 of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world live there) and stay off the balcony and you'll be fine.

    See you when you get back. Do well.


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