Zünder Down Under

I had hoped to return from Perth able to report considerable progress in the repair of the Western Australia PACS system. Unfortunately, those I spoke with tell me there is perhaps some very minor improvement, with crashes and prolonged downtimes still the norm.  One radiologist I spoke with said he had basically just given up and accepted this as the way things will be.

I still find this situation rather horrific, and even more so given the relative lack of progress over the five months since I first brought it to your attention.  What’s going on here?

Clearly, something is very, very wrong with this large installation.   Normally, the vendor would be held accountable for a glitch of this magnitude.  Thus, I’m asking Agfa to comment, and any responses will be published here verbatim.  Please tell us what has happened in WA.  Let us know why this installation cannot be brought into complete functionality.  Is it a hardware problem?  Have key pieces been replaced?  Is it a software problem with Version 6.4?  (We have 6.3.x, which has had a much better run.)  Is it something with the local infrastructure?  Network?  Some problem with the Aussie version of English?

I’m convinced this problem can be fixed, but apparently not until adequate resources are thrown at it, which hasn’t yet occurred.

Please let us know.  Your customers, present and future, are quite interested.


6 responses to “Zünder Down Under

  1. Predictably a complete silence from Agfa.Sadly, the system is almost as bad as it was all those months ago when the story first broke here. Most have given up EVER getting an acceptable working solution.Officially using version 6.4, but many previous version bits are still installed as to allow people to get some work done (6.4 is still unusable to verify more than a few reports – you often wait over 30 second between each report – so you have to load the less slow previous version of Patient Viewer on the same machine to verify).Message in plain english to anyone daft enough to still consider this system – "DO NOT BUY A PACS FROM AGFA".

  2. Wow this is terrible. I'm pretty sure our customers would run off if this happened. Our very low end no-redundancy system has about 99% up time. (we don't even have redundant servers, and most of our customers don't want RAID. Hell some don't even back up their data).

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