The Doctor Dalai Facebook Page!

I owe an apology of sorts to my Facebook friends.  You see, Mrs. Dalai tried to get me hooked on Farmville a year ago, but I just don’t seem to have the agricultural instinct.  She has definitely caught the bug, however, and runs my farm, her farm, and a farm for both dogs.  Thus, my Facebook feed is full of dozens and hundreds of inane entries of Farm-vile related crap, and I’m sure I’ve been defriended by more than one disgusted reader.

It finally occurred to me today to do something productive to solve this dilemma, and so I created the Doctor Dalai Page on Facebook.  It’s not much more than a feed from this blog at the moment, but it does give me another outlet for commentary and other foolishness.

So, click “Like” below and become a fan!

3 responses to “The Doctor Dalai Facebook Page!

  1. haha, there was a short time I had the farmville fever… didn't last long though!Now, I just ignore all those applications permanently and removed those apps from my profile.I don't do surveys or quizzes… I ignore them immediately.I've been doing this for some months now and I have much less clutter when viewing the homepage! 🙂

  2. Thank you for all your great posts on behalf of everyone in the health care community and beyond. My best wishes go out to you and your family.In the past I've read of your Australian adventures, and am wondering if you've heard news in light of the recent flooding. Again, thank you.

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