I’ve just spent another afternoon, and a significant amount of money, at the hoity-toity fashion mall in the Big City nearest our average small town in the South. Dalai Jr.’s birthday approaches, and he needed some clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. What ever happened to a pair of Levi’s and a T-shirt being the standard kids’ uniform?

Plenty. Have a look at True Religion Brand Jeans, and you’ll see. Here, you will find delightful blue jeans, with signature detailed pockets, and prices up to $400 per pair. Pictured below is the Ricky Old Multi Super QT model in Nashville wash.

Through some good fortune, these lovely things don’t fit my son, so we avoided this $400 joy. And equally fortunately, he wasn’t interested in the $70 T-shirt (OK, this one’s only $60 but others are $70):

And he scorned the $75 baseball cap as well:

Hmmmm. $550 for jeans, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap. I’m in the wrong business.

Perhaps I’ll remedy that. Here is the symbol for True Religion Jeans:

Remind you of anyone you know? Yup. So, I hearby coin the term “True PACS” and I plan to build a PACS with fancy detailing on the home screen. In the next few days, I’m going to copyright the phrase and apply for a trademark for my symbol:
Ha! Two can play this game, Bucko! And to complete the scenario, any study read on Dalai’s True PACS carries a quintuple charge. Why? Because…it’s from True PACS! What more do you need!
Please stand by for more details on a True PACS retailer near you…

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