Dalai’s First Law Strikes Again!

It’s been over a year since IMPAX last crashed, as documented in THIS post.

Today, however, we have a new crash, something with the Application Servers I’m told, taking down the Radiology Departments of three hospitals on the common network, and idling several rads who need something to do, not to mention inconveniencing (or worse) dozens and maybe hundreds of patients.
Lest you forget Dalai’s First Law:

PACS IS the Radiology department.

This is never more apparent than when you lose functionality. I’ll let you know how long this one lasts.


We’re back online after only an hour and about 100 studies. It seems that some SSL certificates didn’t go in properly… Amazing how something relatively minor can disrupt everything.

Many thanks to our intrepid PACS admins and service personnel for solving this conundrum!


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