Attention Blog Spammers…

I’ve probably received about 100 comments posted to this blog over the years which are clearly Blog-Spam. They have little to no connection to the post they are supposedly commenting on, and usually advertise something else entirely. Many of them relate to medical software or websites that originate in India or elsewhere in the third world. There is a significant dump (as in defecation) from those wishing me to link to their less-than-illustrious blogs as well.

These blog-spammers are attempting to co-opt my readers and obtain free advertising. My personal opinion is that anyone who needs to resort to this sort of bottom-feeding activity knows full well that his/her product is an absolute piece of garbage, and won’t sell to any but the least sophisticated out there. I’m assuming my audience would not appreciate being exposed to such filth.

My first instinct is to actually give these dirtballs what they want and publicize their sites, with the understanding that you, my intelligent readers, won’t patronize them beyond perhaps sending a little note to their ISP’s informing them of the behavior of their low-life clients. However, if only one of you actually does patronize the spammer’s site, rather than electronically spit on them, they win, and we can’t have that.

For the moment, these scum shall remain nameless, but if I should hear a great outcry, and promises from you that you will indeed ummm, inform the miscreants and their ISP’s of the misdeeds, well, then, I might just be persuaded to publish a little list of the jerks in question.

As an aside, the VAST majority of SPAM e-mails I receive, something like 98%, comes from overseas, generally from Russia, Nigeria (I still get dozens of 419 scam emails per week), Ukraine, China, Korea, Romania (I started forwarding these to the Romanian Ministry of Communication, or the equivalent, and they stopped, or at least slowed), Poland, Portugal, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and many more. Clearly, the laws or at least the enforcement thereof outside the US is sadly deficient. I’m wondering if there is a way to completely block the receipt of any mail from foreign lands until the ISP’s over there can get their act together. Frankly, I wonder if those ISP’s are actually in cahoots with the spammers. As a matter of fact, the 419 scams are said to be the third-largest industry in Nigeria. I would think the world internet community would consider cutting that nation off of the ‘net completely until they clean house. And newly-“capitalist” Russia seems to be the major source of this garbage these days. Remember, this isn’t capitalism, it’s unwanted refuse. I guess Mr. Putin has other things to do than monitor his nation’s internet spew.

Anyway, I would advise human blog-spammers not to waste time on my blog. Those who use ‘bots to troll other’s blogs should consider reprogramming them to avoid this one. Or better yet, find a REAL job and stop trying to peddle crap. Or see if you can find Jack Kervorkian’s instruction manual and follow it to the letter.


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