"If I Wanted America To Fail…"


4 responses to “"If I Wanted America To Fail…"

  1. A very pointed message. I hope people pay attention before it's too late. We can take the first steps to stop the slide in Nov. After that it may be too late

  2. Can you stick to the medical stuff and leave out the politics? There are lots of other places I can go if I want to read stuff from right-wing nutjobs.

  3. To Anonymous, the Left-Wing Nutjob from Cleveland…

    How do you like being called names because I don't like your opinion? The Lefies love to denigrate those with whom they disagree, but it doesn't alter the inherent truth in statements such as those above.

    This is my blog, and I'll post things I find interesting. I'm not forcing anyone to read the blog or any particular post. What did you possibly think you would accomplish by taunting me over something like this? About all you managed to do is make yourself look foolish. Go collect your $1.95 from Media Matters.

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